About me

Welcome to my page. It was created to collect all my internet activity in one place – you can go to blog or read on.

I’m Anks (in Polish also Anksy, plural) – because sometimes I feel that at least two persons are inside my head. You can find me on Facebook with that handle. Before I got this nickname (which I’m very fond of), I used to operate under nicknames Matilda Snape and MatiSnape – I still use that one on GitHub :) My first and last name are a very common combination in Polish internet, so it’s hard to google me, if you don’t know the nickname – you may say that to some extend I’m anonymous on the Internet :)

I’m not a good writer, but I tried once. When I was younger I used to draw much, which you can still view here and there. A couple of years ago I changed the gear from pencils to camera.

I listen to music a lot, although now mainly while doing something else, I sometimes repost internets, I watch tv series, movies, train mindfullness with coloring books or with crochetting/knitting. I try to read up 200% of the norm. I sometimes cook.

A couple of years ago I got myself my first bike with my own money, so I try to cycle often (I even blogged about it for a while) – although recently due to remote work I run more than cycle :)

In my free time I learn programming – recently it’s Ruby and Python, but JS and Java are also tempting (all fun stuff is written in Java :C). I still haven’t decided when to switch to being a full time developer, though.

For 5 years I’ve been an active girl scout and leader and I intend to “Leave this world a little better than I found it” as B-P said it. I live in Poznan, Poland.

You may assume that I’m a child of Web 2.0 (does anyone still use this term?) – I might have had account on every important website at some point. Internet is my life, also professionally – I majored in e-business (M.Sc: “Application of OpenId in e-administration” – seriously, it was a thing in 2010) and law (M.Sc. in software patents), I helped establish one of the first e-book shops in Poland, I clicked a lot on FB, then I started to look for holes in software, now in Recruitee.

You can reach me at matisnape[at]wp.pl or inbox[at]anksfoto.pl.

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